Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bleach Report: Is Jannero Pargo Playin' the San Antonio Spurs?


A guy who the Spurs drafted and then sent to the Phoenix Suns on draft night may have a lot to do with why free agent Jannero Pargo has not yet signed with San Antonio.

The Spurs acquired the draft rights to forward Malik Hairston, Golden State's 2009 second-round pick, and cash from Suns in exchange for the draft rights to guard Goran Dragic.

Dragic, a point guard from Europe, was chosen three picks before Hairston. In mid-July, two sources said Dragic had negotiated a buyout for this summer, and it was up to the Suns to find a way to give him a multiyear contract, starting at almost $2 million. That would help Dragic cover the cost of buying out his European deal beyond the $500,000 the Suns can contribute directly.

Since then, while there have been several comments from Dragic saying that he may remain in Europe this season, the Suns still remain confident of their chances to bring their second-round draft pick to Phoenix this year—but they may not know for certain until the end of the week.

Now, according to two Phoenix area newspapers, the East Valley Tribune and the Arizona Republic, if Dragic stays in Europe, Phoenix might be making a play for free agent Jannero Pargo—the same player the Spurs have been after since finding out that he wouldn't be returning to the Hornets.

Pargo is reportedly mulling a $2 million-a-year offer from San Antonio. But that offer has been on the table for more than a week, and the situation in Phoenix might be one reason why he hasn't closed the deal.

Pargo's agent, Mark Bartelstein, refused to disclose whether the Suns are in the running, but Pargo is known to be a favorite of Phoenix general manager Steve Kerr.

The Suns might be convinced to spend the $2 million-plus it was going to spend on Dragic this season on Pargo to give the Suns a solid backup to Steve Nash at the point.

If Dragic stays in Europe and Pargo proves too expensive, former Spur and University of Arizona star Damon Stoudamire is also available and under consideration.

Spurs fans in San Antonio are not happy with the news, since Pargo's wavering may be affecting other roster moves which have been put on hold.

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