Sunday, September 21, 2008

AZStarNet: Salim Now a Spur

Greg Hansen

Salim Stoudamire has escaped pro basketball’s burial grounds — the Atlanta Hawks — and now will play for a winner.

The ex-Wildcat shooting star has signed with the San Antonio Spurs and is expected to replace the three-point shooting threat of Brent Barry and perhaps Robert Horry.

In three years with the dismal Hawks, Stoudamire averaged just 17 minutes per game and was often slowed by a chronic ankle injury. His career average is eight points per game.

Perhaps an organization as effective as the Spurs will change Stoudamire’s career path. Winning is contagious, right? Perhaps Salim’s rep as a clubhouse malcontent will change — it will probably have to change; he will have to adapt — as he becomes a role player on a team with superstars Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan.

If he does, Salim could spent another 10 years in the league as a Steve Kerr-type specialist and make millions of dollars.

Breaking news. Looks like the Spurs could possibly be trying to fill the gap left by Barry. Also good to see some more youth hit the bench, although this guy will have to get his attitude straight if he's gonna be a Spur.

Either way, it's another interesting factor in what seemed to otherwise be a wrapped-up offseason.

For those unfamiliar with Salim, here's the player profile:

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