Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Express News: Spurs Owner Honored For Working To Instill Values

Spurs owner honored for working to instill values
By William Pack - Express-News

Peter M. Holt said Tuesday that the success of the San Antonio Spurs and the three professional teams affiliated with them wasn't the only thing that made him happy.

The majority owner of the teams' holding company said he was equally proud that they and a heavy machinery company he partially owns had earned their success through a commitment to treating their fans and employees the right way.

“Finding these values saved my life,” said Holt, who received the Founders Award from Spurs Sports & Entertainment and Holt Cat, which he serves as CEO. “It's created tremendous humility.”

He was credited with developing a Values Based Leadership program, first for Holt Cat and 10 years ago for Spurs Sports, which orients the companies around specific values. Spurs Sports selected “integrity,” “caring” and “success” as the principles that would guide its operations. The machinery company adopted a longer list that includes “ethical” behavior, “excellence” and “commitment.”

Officials said the program is the reason Spurs Sports has been viewed as a model company. Larry Mills, a Holt Cat executive who is involved in Spurs programming, said Holt's companies are training other local firms in the concept.

As part of the program, the two companies recognized long-term employees who best exemplified the designated values.

Holt Cat presented Legend Builder awards to supervisor Kim Silvernail, supervisor Roy Klug, general manager Al Hinojosa, lead technician Jason Morgan and general manager Ron Craft.

Spurs Sports gave its first Value Champion award to Joe Clark, vice president for sales.

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