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ESPN: NBA's 65 In 65: George Gervin

Welcome to The Show! On Tuesday, we continue our 65 in 65. That's 65 NBA chats in 65 days. We will hold an NBA chat each day through the end of the NBA Finals. We'll bring you players, analysts, writers, anyone who can help you fill your NBA fix.

Tuesday's guest is former NBA player George Gervin.

Nicknamed "Iceman" for his cool demeanor on the court, Gervin was known mostly for his scoring talents. His first scoring crown, in 1978, was one of the most memorable moments in NBA history, as he defeated Denver Nuggets forward David Thompson by seven hundredths of a point (27.22 to 27.15). Prior to Michael Jordan, Gervin had the most scoring titles of any guard in league history with four.

Gervin had his No. 44 jersey retired by the San Antonio Spurs and was also named to the NBA's 50th Anniversary Team.

Kevin (Jersey)
Happy belated Ice Man- keep it cool.

George Gervin
(laughing) Thank you very much, I appreciate that!

Jacob Bloomington Illinois
Do you think the Bulls have a chance to beat the Celtics?

George Gervin
If the Bulls keep playing they way that they have been and if the Celtics continue to slip, then the Bulls have a good chance to take this series.

Afonso (Portugal)
Do you think Spurs will get past Mavericks?

George Gervin
That's tough especially being down 3-1. The Spurs will have to play perfect basketball to come back. I remember back it 1978 when we had Washington down 3-1 and they came back to beat us so it is possible.

Quincy (Dayton)
Iceman, how would you compare LeBron's NBA progress to that of Kobe and Jordan at the age of 24?

George Gervin
LeBron's progress has been sensational! All of these guys are phenoms. I don't think we can compare them we just need to appreciate these guys showing dominance at an early age.

Wesley (Gainseville)
Which current NBA player do you think is most comparable to yourself?

George Gervin
I guess I would say Kevin Durant because he is long, he can put the ball on the floor, and he can shoot from anywhere.

Tyron (Delta City)
Who did you pattern your game after?

George Gervin
I didn't really pattern my game after anybody. I'm famous for the finger roll and everybody thinks that I invented it. But I watched guys like Dr. Jay, Wilt Chamberlain and Connie Hawkins and took different pieces of their finger rolls and made it into my own.

Rodney (Sane Fe)
How many more years do you think the Spurs have before they will need to rebuild?

George Gervin
In my opinoin, I think they will start rebuilding in the next year or so. But you have to give it to them, they have won four championships in the years that Tim Duncan has been there but you can only squeeze but so much juice out of an orange.

Jerson Chicago (Illinois)
George, you were my favorite player to watch, I was wondering who you thinks going to win the NBA Championship??

George Gervin
That's a toss up. The Cavs are playing well in the East and the Lakers in the West. It's hard for me to say but I think it will be between the Cavs and the Lakers.

Justin Behling (Boyceville, WI)
Hey George, who is your favorite player of all time and your favorite current player?

George Gervin
Of all-time Julius Erving and current its between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James but I'm going with Kobe.

timmy c. (lancaster, pa)
Ice! Thanks for chatting. What current NBA star has the coolest nickname?

George Gervin
Wow! It would have to be King James. All the real cool nicknames are in the past like Dr. J, Chocolate Thunder, Ice Man ...

George Gervin
Thank you to all the fans for your support. I'll always love the fans because you make the game what it is today.

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