Monday, June 22, 2009

Express News: Bruce's Bytes: Father's Day
A three-time NBA Champion and eight-time NBA All-Defensive Team honoree, San Antonio Spurs forward Bruce Bowen is also founder of The Bruce Bowen Foundation, which is committed to supporting and enhancing the lives of youth in underserved communities. He and his wife, Yardley, also own several businesses in San Antonio. Learn more about Bruce.

Fathers Day......
By Bruce Bowen

I have had the wonderful opportunity of seeing some great examples of fathers. I didn't have a clue what fatherhood meant prior to my two boys. Everyday is a new challenge when it comes to being a father. Unfortunately, theirs no manual to being a father. So we make mistakes, and try to learn as we go. For those who didn't see good examples, I commend you for continuing with the good fight of faith raising your kids. It's so easy to give up and walk out on any responsiblity, but if we do give up, what are we teaching the those who look up to us?

I didn't have the best upbringing in the world, but that's no excuse for me not to try and learn from others mistakes. It's a great opportunity for me to break the CYCLE that continues to break kids spirits.

To all the fathers out there, thank you for the example that you are showing our young men and women in the world. I wish all the fathers the best Bar-B-Que, and sweetest desserts available to you on this day.

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