Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And just as quickly as it began, the Corey Maggette saga is over...


In another deal today, former Clipper Corey Maggette reached agreement to join the Golden State Warriors in a five-year deal worth about $50 million, according to NBA sources who requested anonymity because they are not authorized to speak about player movements. Maggette also opted out of the last year of his Clippers contract last week.

Looks like he'd rather stay on the west coast and waste another few years of his NBA career. Like Nellie ball is really gonna him a ring.

Guess I can't totally blame him. The California beaches are nice. And I like the shoreline, too.

Anyways, looks like it's onto the next best available Free Agents out there, which may be JR Smith or James Posey.

Sucks to miss out on Maggette, but I stopped getting my hopes up as soon as the Spurs were pegged as the 'favorites'. Like I said, for this organization, that just never seems to work out well.

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