Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ESPN: NBA sets salary cap for next season at $58.68 million


For those of you interested in the higher math of the NBA, the League set the salary cap for 2008-2009.

This season, the luxury tax threshold will be set at $71,150,000. This gives the Spurs about $16,000 and some change to work with, as well as their disposal the Mid-Level Exception, which is worth $5,585,000 this season. Also the Spurs have their Bi-Annual Exception worth $1,910,000 and a trade exception worth $1,847,000.

The Spurs also have the following Free Agents who may or may not be on the roster next year:

Brent Barry
Robert Horry
Kurt Thomas
Michael Finley
Damon Stoudemire
George Hill
DerMarr Johnson
Malik Hairston
James Gist

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