Sunday, July 6, 2008

Spurs and Boston are the finalists for Posey?
James Posey: The second most popular free agent? He may be, everyone wants a bench defender who can shoot. Posey may have made his case in the NBA finals this year by his stellar play and hustle. Is he a starter? Maybe, but not for the whole season, he is best played off the bench and in crunch time.
Who is interested? Well the Lakers were a James Posey away from winning the championship. They only have a mid-level exception to offer though, will 3 years 20 million be enough? It may be a little larger than that. (Note that teams over the cap can use that mid-level and extend a long term deal using yearly increases that would be about a million dollar a year raise each year.) Posey's agent says that Boston and San Antonio are the finalists, but they both are in the same situation as the Lakers. Posey has to be ready to settle down, and stop moving around. Boston is where he wants to be, but they have to lock him up.

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