Friday, May 29, 2009

Cleveland Insider: Calling on Pop

Cavs coach Mike Brown said he's been talking to close friend and mentor Gregg Popovich over the past several days in working on game plans. The San Antonio Spurs coach and Brown talk often during the season, but this is the first time the Spurs haven't been alive in the playoffs and the Cavs have, enabling Brown to seek more advice.

"Pop's always been a great sounding board for me," Brown said.

As for people calling Brown, that's quite different. Brown said over the past few days he's had plenty of people come up to him or call him with ideas of how to help with the Cavs' issues with the Magic -- especially on defense and in guarding the 3-point shot.

"I've had a lot of suggestions on how to stop the 3 from my son to my best friend to you name it," Brown said.

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