Saturday, May 30, 2009

Olé: Oberto Interview

-¿How do you evaluate your 4th NBA season?

-It was the roughest. Even though I began the season playing, then came the first arrythmia, in march, and it cut my playing rythm, the confidence of being healthy... At that moment I had a role on the team but then it became more difficult because I went out, others came in and the team got used to playing with other players, it becomes hard to crack the rotation. I only came in when my style was more appropriate for the opponent.

-Matt Bonner played well and that left you out, right?

-Yes, that might be it, but I dont have problems with the coaches decisions, and I never will.

-¿Is the new trend of small ball and shooting bigs hurting your chances?

-Thats not something that concerns me. I've played PF and C, sometimes with Tim (Duncan) and others coming in for him. Its an alternative to make the attack more dynamic or to space the floor for a dominant big, but I still think there is room for all of us, there are a lot of games, different rivals...

-You had two arrythmias, ¿were you scared?

-Not scared because the coaching staff of the Spurs, who are very careful and professional, told me not to worry. Its impossible for them to send you in if there is a risk. Besides I always felt fine. Except for a dizzy spell that made them give me shocks to reset my heart beat...

-¿What are the shocks like?

-They knock you out and do it. I didnt get scared because they are good doctors and its not that strange, but the first time.... you know Hakeem Olajuwon had to do it 3 times a season.

-¿What were the results of the last tests?

-The last few days I was with 2 cardiólogists specialized in athletes and I still have another session. The results are that, in the future, I dont have to worry. I still have another meeting with those specialists, probably wednesday, to be at ease that I am safe on the court. It remains to be seen if there is a cure, if I have to medicate or rest a while. but Im already thinking of next season

-You have another year on your contract, but only partly guaranteed.

-Exactly. And the spurs have till the 30th of June to let me know if I stay

-¿What do you want to do?

-I really like this city and franchise. I understand my role and I know that I can help more than this year to win more championships.

-¿What contact have you had, did they anticipate anything?

-Not yet. Everything is quiet and maybe in the next 10 days we'll know something

-¿Would it bother you to be traded or cut?

-No. I know the rules of the game. San Antonio is a team looking to improve, But I feel they have always respected and valued me, playing or not.

-You played a lot and well in the last champion season (06/07) and barely at all in the last. ¿Does it affect your confidence, your belief of belonging in the NBA?
-Not my confidence. When I was able to play I didnt do it bad. Its just that, when you play 30 mins, you have the time to develop your game. When you play 5 or 10m, the results are mixed... But my experience helps me, I still trust in my ability.

-¿Do you think of returning to europe?
-Id rather stay, I like the NBA, the experience, its the highest level... But I'd never close the door to europe. I havent asked my agent about offers, but soon I will call, see whats on the table and decide my future

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